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irrigation akron oh

Your bedroom could be equipped with the most expensive drapes, and your living space may have the most luxurious couches, but we bet you’d revive in nature by the end of the day. Perhaps this explains why most homeowners prefer a landscape in front of their homes or at the back. A home garden is perfect for growing lush green plants and fresh-smelling flowers. 

Sitting with family or being alone in the yard gives a sense of relief. But as with any home feature, your yard needs proper sprinkler system repair in Akron OH to keep it in shape. While typical home structures need frequent maintenance to keep them up and to run, your home garden requires a proper irrigation system to thrive.  

Plants need water for photosynthesis and to absorb nutrients from the soil. While water helps them survive, excess of everything is terrible, and the same goes for water.  Your plants need an optimal amount of water to grow – neither too little nor too much. An appropriate irrigation system in Akron OH, or a sprinkler system in Akron OH ensures they get just the right amount of water for survival. 

At Irrigation Akron, OH, we provide quality irrigation services to nurture your landscape and help it thrive year-round. We understand that proper irrigation is a critical aspect of excellent landscaping. Therefore, we aim to introduce new and varying irrigation techniques to minimize water loss and erosion and encourage plant growth.  

About Us

Irrigation Akron OH is a family-owned and operated business. Our love for nature motivated us to set the foundation for this company. Because global warming is increasing drastically, we need more plants to battle pollution and enhance our surroundings and well-being.  

There’s no success without hard work; the same goes for growing plants. The idea of a lush-green garden sounds enticing, but it requires great expertise and knowledge to implement the plan.  

We believe proper irrigation companies Akron OH plant, grow, and help home gardens retain their look. Planting flowers and plants without irrigation will be impossible because they’ll die anytime soon.  

The mindset of improving human well-being and the environment encouraged us to offer irrigation services for residential and commercial areas.  

Although we started as a family business with few members, today we’re among the reputable Irrigation companies Akron OH with a group of people committed to excellence.  

We aimed to address plant-related issues and seek to grow the most captivating-looking yards. Our dedication and devotion encouraged other nature lovers to join us and serve the cause.  

Because our team invests its time and effort into something they are passionate about, it speaks volumes about our service quality.  

There’s a fine line between offering services meant to earn money and work driven by passion. We’re glad to share we belong to the latter category.  

For this reason, our irrigation services are reliable, trustworthy, and authentic. We keep appraising ourselves with the latest irrigation techniques and methods to satisfy our clients.  

Having served numerous customers across the city, we’re proud to share that we have the skill, knowledge, and experience your garden needs.  

Why Choose Irrigation Akron OH?

One of the Irrigation Companies Akron OH Experts That Locals Trust!

Your home needs authentic services and quality work to maintain its integrity, so there’s no reason you’ll pick unreliable irrigation companies in Akron OH. Every homeowner would seek the most reliable running business to meet their home needs. However, with every company making fancy promises, you may feel overwhelmed and wonder, “Which one to choose?” If you’re dubious about picking us and aren’t sure what sets us apart from other irrigation service providers, here’s what may encourage you to select us.

Extensive Experience

Having worked on numerous properties across town, we are among the most seasoned irrigation companies Akron OH.

Our team understands the local bylaws, soil conditions, regional weather difficulties, and material requirements.

We’ve used several irrigation systems and know the ins and outs of sprinkler heads, backflow valves, and controllers.

Our extensive experience has taught us how to approach each landscape project. This involves planning an appropriate design to maximize efficiency and minimize expense.

Well-Rounded and Passionate Team

Because every irrigation project is different, we have a team of professionals with varying skills and expertise levels. Large irrigation projects require adequate personnel including knowledgeable supervisors for a smooth installation.

Therefore, we keep introducing new and skillful members to our team each day. Another distinguishing characteristic of our staff is their passion for what they do.

According to popular belief, anyone is rarely happy at their job. We’re glad to share that’s not the case with our team because we hire people that are passionate about irrigation services.

This keeps them committed to their work, and they never compromise the services, no matter the scale of the project.

Service Guarantee

Any irrigation company can provide the relevant services, but not all give a guarantee for their work. We share a written contract that describes the scope of our guarantee.

It explains what steps you need to take if you run into a problem and highlights the last date of the coverage.

One of the biggest reasons we grow and develop our client's trust is that we back our work with a guarantee.

So, you won’t feel like you invested in the wrong company, but service providers who follow up after getting paid for the services they provided.

Our extensive experience has taught us how to approach each landscape project. This involves planning an appropriate design to maximize efficiency and minimize expense.

Maintenance Services

We believe that scheduled maintenance makes sense after you utilize our services. Therefore, we offer seasonal inspections to adjust the controller and water frequencies.

We also check for uniform coverage, leaks, and improper runoffs. This helps us detect underlying problems.

We repair the irrigation system parts to spot an issue and ensure it works optimally.

Because client satisfaction is our utmost priority, we do repair and maintenance in Akron OH right the first time!

Further, we share helpful tips with homeowners to protect their investments and keep their irrigation systems functioning.

What is an Irrigation System?

An irrigation system involves giving water to crops artificially to meet their water requirements. Besides water, irrigation also provides nutrients essential for the growth of plants.  

Because relying on rain cannot serve the purpose, farmers install an irrigation system to fulfill the needs of plants. Traditionally, water is sourced from wells, rivers, lakes, damns, tube wells, reservoirs, and other related sources.  

Nonetheless, the water, frequency, and rate required for optimal crop growth vary per soil type, crop, and season.  

For instance, summer crops require more water than those grown in winter. Besides, irrigation systems are also used for areas geographically unfit for growing crops – think dry regions. Appropriate irrigation and drainage in Akron OH in such sites facilitate growth.   

Types of Irrigation Systems

Science has advanced, and so have the methods of irrigation. Initially, only a few techniques were used to irrigate the soil. Today, numerous irrigation systems have evolved irrigation methods. A few popular ones are listed below.  

Localized Irrigation

Localized irrigation involves disturbing low-pressure water to each plant. Experts use a piped network in the field that provides water to plants. This irrigation system aims to wet only a small area – the root zone. For this reason alone, it flows water only around the plant base. Further, the water flow rate is also meager. However, it is applied daily but in small amounts. Localized irrigation is achieved below or on the soil surface.  

Surface Irrigation

This is one of the most popular types of irrigation as it utilizes gravity to distribute water throughout the field. For instance, it typically involves water moving from an elevated surface down the hill, touching all the crops. Nonetheless, it is only possible if the land is sloppy and has adequate water. Otherwise, this process requires extensive labor. It involves the furrow system method, where channels direct the water across a paddock of plants or crops. Note that this technique is unsuitable for highly sandy soils with more infiltration. Why? Because it leads to excessive water distribution leading to erosion, and floods.

Sprinkler Irrigation

The sprinkler irrigation system uses sprinklers to irrigate the crops imitating natural rainfall. This system functions to distribute even water throughout the field. Farmers may install high-pressure sprinklers to apply water from the center of the area. These sprinklers can be joined to moveable systems. For instance, a center-pivot irrigation system attaches sprinklers to a wheeled tower. People use this irrigation system to irrigate crops, golf courses, lawns, and landscapes.  

Drip Irrigation

This irrigation technique involves distributing water droplets to the plant roots at a low rate. It is one of the effective irrigation types because it reduces water runoff and evaporation. Further, drip irrigation is suitable for areas with a restricted water supply and high costs.  

Perennial Irrigation

This irrigation system depends on consistent water supply to encourage crop growth. Experts create and distribute a canal system that takes water from the reservoir and provides it to the crops.

Subsurface Irrigation

This irrigation system doesn’t wet the soil. Instead, it feeds the water directly to the ground via capillarity to reduce runoff. This raises the water table, and crops can easily access the water as needed. It typically involves tubes or pipes that distribute water to fulfill the crop water needs. The biggest pro of subsurface irrigation is that it reduces water loss and enhances crop yields to minimize crop disease.  

Flood Irrigation

This irrigation system creates an intentional flood to saturate the soil. Natural rainfall suffices the need to grow crops. However, note that this method isn’t ideal for areas that experience high or frequent rain spells.  

Methods of Irrigation

One of the Irrigation Companies Akron OH Locals Can Depend On!

Wondering what modern techniques experts use to install an irrigation system? Here are a few widely used irrigation methods: 

irrigation akron oh

The Sprinkler System Akron OH

It is one of the modern irrigation Akron OH methods. You’ll typically see sprinklers in the nearby local parks because they work great to keep plants fresh and healthy.  

The sprinkler system connects a pump to the pipes that produce pressure to sprinkle water through nozzles. The water is sprayed on the crops like raindrops distributed evenly. This system works just right for areas with an unlimited water supply.  

Experts can set temporary or permanent sprinklers. Further, mounting them on moveable platforms is yet another option.  

The Manual Method

This is one of the oldest water distribution methods, but people still use it globally, especially in developing countries. It involves pouring water on the crops manually. This irrigation method requires minimal resources, making it the cheapest of all techniques.  

However, it’s labor-intensive and reduces efficiency.  

Additionally, it distributes the water unevenly. So, the manual method shouldn’t be an option if you want your landscape plants to thrive with an efficient irrigation system.  

The Trickle System

The trickle system called the “drip” applies water drop by drop to the crop roots. It uses a hosepipe to provide water and is one of the most efficient irrigation techniques.  

This method also reduces soil erosion and is best for areas with limited water supply. Experts adore this method because it directly targets the roots.  

irrigation akron oh
irrigation akron oh

Terrace Irrigation

Although this was a common agricultural practice in mountainous regions, it is still used today. It involves cutting a series of steps into a sloppy surface. So, the water flows down when the rain falls while catching the soil nutrients.  

Terrace irrigation enhances land productivity and soil fertility, which is a plus. Further, it also manages and prevents water and soil runoff.  

Furrow Irrigation Systems

This involves creating parallel channels and filling them with water. Crops are not grown inside the media but in the ridges between them. This method works excellently for various crops, from sunflower to corn and soybean to sugar cane. 

Further, the crops that might damage due to flooding – beans and tomatoes – also benefit from this irrigation type.  

Benefits of Irrigation

Just as humans need food for survival, plants require a proper irrigation system to grow and thrive. An efficient home sprinkler system Akron OH upgrades your lifestyle by enabling automation. You no longer need to water the plants manually.  

Besides, you won’t regret investing money in an appropriate irrigation system if you appreciate convenience and efficiency.  

Here’s how a long-lasting irrigation system helps.  

irrigation akron oh
Saves Time

Spending time in your yard doesn’t hurt if you enjoy gardening and practice it as a hobby. However, if you’re a working man or woman with children, taking time to water your plants is too much of a hassle. Thankfully, automatic irrigation systems save the time you otherwise spend watering your flowers and plants. Setting up a timer is all it takes for optimal functioning, so even if you’re out on holiday, you do not need to worry about your plants wilting. Instead, a sprinkler system in Akron OH will take care of your home landscape.  

Eliminates Guesswork

Do you water your plants regularly or irrigate the soil only frequently? Both practices have their pros and cons. Because each plant has unique needs, you might over or under-water them, limiting the growth of some plants. Luckily, a proper irrigation system eliminates the guesswork. Because professionals install it per your plant requirements, you no longer have to worry about when to water the garden and how long.  

Rainfall Compensation

We all know that crops and plants need natural rainfall to survive. Unfortunately, rainfall distribution varies per region. A few dry areas do not experience occasional rains, which wilts the plants. An irrigation system compensates for the rainfall, so even if the weather remains dry for a long time, your plants will remain protected.  

Striking Backyard

What’s the point of setting up a lush-green backyard if you do not take steps to maintain it? Your flowers and plants will die soon without proper irrigation. As such, the entire look of your home garden will be compromised. An irrigation system ensures that doesn’t happen. When your garden plants receive the needed water, they remain fresh and green, helping you retain the yard’s appearance.  

Food Production

From tomatoes to peas and strawberries to grapes, homeowners love to grow vegetables and fruit in their yards. If you’re in the same boat, know that an improper irrigation system will severely compromise food production. So, if you’ve been waiting long for your yard strawberries to grow, you need to upgrade the maintenance. The first thing that comes into play for yard maintenance is proper irrigation. The better the water your crops receive, the better they’ll thrive. 

Grow Multiple Crops

Because each crop has different water needs, manually watering them doesn’t serve the purpose. You may end up watering a few plants more. Likewise, you might water others less – those requiring more water. This imbalance keeps you from growing multiple crops in your home garden. Thankfully, an appropriate irrigation system eliminates this trouble. Experts approach each harvest with specified methods and techniques, allowing for equal water distribution.  


Nothing can beat the effectiveness of a well-designed irrigation system. Because homeowners water the plants using a hosepipe, it compromises consistency, and the water fails to access some hard-to-reach areas. A proper irrigation system on the other hand delivers water throughout the landscape, improving plant growth.  

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