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This story doesn’t end after you install an irrigation system. Like other systems, water delivery systems require maintenance for optimal functioning. Even the best irrigation systems waste water when misused or run too long. However, contacting irrigation Akron, OH professionals for checkups and maintenance saves water and ensures your plants receive appropriate water. At Irrigation Akron OH, we offer repair and maintenance services after installing an irrigation system. Even if you already have an irrigation system and didn’t choose us for installation services, do not hesitate to contact us for maintenance and repairs. We inspect the irrigation system to detect breakdowns. This helps us improve the system’s efficiency and allow for an even water application.  

irrigation akron oh

Irrigation System Maintenance Benefits

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Frequent droughts and an emphasis on saving water have encouraged homeowners to inspect their irrigation systems closely. Poor design, installation, and breakdowns can lead to a malfunctioning irrigation system. As a result, energy consumption increases, and water goes to waste. Here’s why maintenance is crucial to ensure the health of an irrigation system:  

  • A proper irrigation system delivering just the right amount of water will improve the health of plants and flowers.  
  • It will drastically reduce energy consumption.  
  • Frequent inspections help maintain the efficiency of the irrigation system  
  • It also improves the life expectancy of the irrigation system, and you won’t be paying more for installing a new one. 

As with other systems, the components of an irrigation system have a specific life span. A malfunctioning system may overwork, gradually failing its elements. Regular inspection and maintenance help avoid this problem. Contact irrigation Akron OH services for more details.

Maintenance Activities

Different maintenance plans offer a choice to pick one per your preferences. Typical maintenance activities include the following.  

Regular maintenance involves checking dry and wet areas, inspecting the pump system, and determining whether the controller works correctly.  

Checking the sprinkler functioning goes into weekly maintenance. Experts ensure that the sprinkler heads are rotating correctly and the nozzles aren’t obstructed. Further, looking for leaks is essential to ensure the irrigation system operates optimally.  

Frequent or occasional inspections involve leveling and raising the sprinkler systems. Further, pump system maintenance also falls under this category.  

Sprinkler System Maintenance

A few simple tips help maintain the sprinkler system and make the most out of it.

  • When the head or sprinkler nozzle is left unchecked, it can lead to expensive repairs. Therefore, cleaning and fixing misaligned or blocked heads is crucial to ensure proper functioning.  
  • A gust of wind carrying dirt and debris can clog the heads affecting the spray patterns. Regular cleaning, however, maintains the water flow.  
  • High pressure often leads to misting. As a result, the water fails to reach the landscape. Our professionals can help adjust the flow control and check the water pressure.  
  • Sprinklers spraying water to the areas outside the landscape also need attention. Because they are meant to irrigate your garden, not the outer regions, turning the nozzle in the proper direction is essential to ensure correct water delivery.  
  • You may think that your sprinkler system is working just fine but know that the needs of a plant change per season. For instance, a plant may require more water during summer but less during winter. Therefore, you need to adjust the water pressure. If you use a weather-based controller, it’s even better. You can always change the seasonal schedule and follow it.  
irrigation akron oh

Drip System Maintenance

Drip systems also need maintenance, like sprinkler systems. You can remove the end cap of the drip system to flush the accumulated debris and dirt. Further, try following these tips to ensure the proper operation of your drip system.  

  • Clogged emitters are of no use. Therefore, replacing them on time is crucial to ensure correct functioning. If the system doesn’t feature a water filter, consider installing it.  
  • Make sure you pay attention when mounting the emitters. They must be on the root ball’s edge of new plants and directed to the drip line of the plants.  
  • An emitter’s tubing may break due to high pressure. Checking it also goes into regular maintenance. Installing a new pressure regulator can always fix the problem.  
  • If emitters go missing or break, you must install new or replace them to keep your system up and running. 
  • Broken tubing also needs replacements. The tubing must be connected securely to the emitters for efficient functioning. Once done, you must manually turn on the irrigation system to ensure it is programmed correctly.  


Winterizing your sprinkler system is also an essential part of maintenance. Overlooking it can lead to frozen pipes that are costly and challenging to repair. Further, water freezes inside the sprinklers leading to popped heads and cracks. Such problems would not require a minor repair. Instead, you’d need to replace the entire sprinkler system. Therefore, instead of running out of budget, paying attention to maintenance can fix issues that may arise in the future.  

There’s no secret sauce to the essential winterization. You only need to turn off the water supply and the irrigation controller. Then, turn on each valve to release the pressure. The water then drains from the unit to keep its elements from freezing.  

Your unit may have pre-installed drained valves, or you may need to blow out the water by applying pressure. This is where you’ll likely need our help. Because air pressure requires professional skill and resources, handling the process yourself can escalate the existing problems. At sprinkler system Akron OH, we ensure to improve your irrigation system efficiency and keep the water from pooling the landscape.