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irrigation akron oh

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Apart from reliable irrigation system services, we take pride in quality well and pump installation services. At irrigation Akron OH, we take pride in quality well and pump installation services. You can access fresh water even without obtaining water from the municipal system. Hooking up a good pump is all it takes for an endless water supply. Wells come in all shapes, sizes, and depths. We inspect your property and choose an ideal well type accordingly. Numerous customers have utilized our good pump services and are satisfied with the results.

irrigation akron oh

What Are Well Pumps?

Most people living in urban and suburban areas have constant access to portable and clean drinking water. Nonetheless, numerous rural people depend on wells for water supply.  

A healthy pump system involves digging a well and installing electromechanical equipment. This equipment pumps water from the well and provides it to you.  

How Do They Work?

A good pump pushes water into a tank. The water remains in the storage tank until you need it for drinking, cooking, or washing. Most well pumps feature a pressure tank that moves water from the storage tank into your property’s plumbing system.  

When the water moves into the tank, the air pressure rises until it reaches a specific limit.  

Once it reaches a certain point, the air pressure moves the water into the plumbing.  

The air pressure drops as soon as you utilize the water inside the tank. Then, the pump turns on again when the pressure decreases. 

This process ensures that you never run out of water.  

Generally, well pumps have two categories: submersible or jet. The former functions underground and uses pressure to push water to the surface into the storage tank.  

On the flip side, the latter is situated on the ground level and utilizes a suction pipe and motor to push water on the ground level.  

The homes equipped with more shallow wells generally require hand pumps or centrifugal force. On the other hand, submersible or jet pumps are ideal for homes that do not rely on public utilities.  

These pumps are typically mounted above the ground and pump water from a single pipe.  

Different Types of Well Pumps

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Regardless of the pump type, they perform a single function: pulling water from the underground and sending it to your home. However, which functionalities they feature and how they operate might differ. Irrigation Akron OH experts may recommend a pump type based on every household’s needs. We’ll discuss some popular types of suitable pumps below.  

Hand Pump

Hand pumps feature a hand-cranked lever that pulls water from the well and sends it to the storage tank. Later, this water moves to your home’s plumbing system for you to use. Manual pumps are not as popular as other pump categories.

However, they work great for off-grid installations.

Additionally, they are the most affordable type of good pump. Nonetheless, manual operation makes them inconvenient.


Jet pumps are designed for shallow and deep wells. The former ones function for wells 25 feet or less in-depth. On the other hand, the latter are robust and can work for deeper wells - up to 100 feet.

Nonetheless, the depth of the well reduces the pump’s efficiency because the motor functions harder.

However, both jet pump types allow for easy pump access when required. For instance, jet pumps are prone to sand damage and may occasionally require repairs. Quick access to the pump comes in handy during repairs.

Overall, these pumps are inexpensive and can also be used for irrigation purposes. However, they may compromise efficiency because of increased depth.


These pumps imitate metal cylinders that are installed in a well. Submersible well pumps are a popular choice among homeowners for the right reasons. They are energy efficient and work excellent for varying depths. Besides, they are durable.

If you live in a dry area, you can benefit from the functionality of submersible pumps. They can reach 100 feet in depth and pull water out for you. While you might assume they’ll suck up energy, hiking the bills, these pumps utilize the gravitational force for pumping.

Further, their engines remain cool because they’re situated underwater. This means their motor won’t burn and will last longer than other pumps.


These are one of the most straightforward well pumps because they utilize the motor’s kinetic energy to send water from one end to another. Because these pumps do not feature drive seals, they won’t rust. This signifies that you won’t need to pay for occasional repairs.

Further, these pumps are smaller than other suitable types. This makes them easy to maintain and access. Additionally, they are inexpensive, which is another plus.

While their small size has apparent benefits, it also has a downside. For instance, their limited size restricts the water they can pump and store.